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I strongly recommend the TiTech PRO™ Trailing Shield®. They always work and is easy to use. Without the TiTech PROTrailing Shield® we had to accept some oxidation. With them we're only getting bright and color free welds.

Glenn Hovet @titanwelds


The TiTech PROTrailing Shield® are awesome. I have been using them since 2013 and because of the quality and aesthetics of my Titanium Welds, my name has become quite popular for the Welding of Titanium. I have many sample welding coupons on display behind a glass cabinet at work for clients to look at; thanks to the TiTech PROTrailing Shield®

Travis Field @fieldres – Alberta, 


The TiTech PRO™ Trailing Shield® works great, mounts solidly onto the torch and isn't too bulky or heavy. Gas coverage is phenomenal.

Derek Mable @plebwelds – Washington DC, 


The TiTech PRO™ Trailing Shield® are a quality product. Very well made and gives the gas coverage needed to keep the weld puddle clean.

Lloyd Kittrell @olddog_welding - Nashville Tennessee, 


I got the opportunity to try out the TiTech PRO™ Trailing Shield® this week. Results were awesome and I think the pictures speak for themselves. I tried it on a thick and thin piece of stainless and got great gas coverage the entire time! Highly recommend!

Kay Summers @o.kay.welds – Michigan, 


TiTech PRO™ Trailing Shield® is a very good product. Very good quality, and it gives the welds a pretty shine. I like it alot! Thank you for this awsome tool!

Ronny Harstad Engh @enghfabrication – 


I had the pleasure to use the TiTech PRO™ Trailing Shield® it is really very good, light, rubbers do not impede movement and do not stop the hand when moving. Clear effects are visible on thin 2mm-3mm 304ss materials. I am very pleased with the result.

Karol Kubala @karol_kubala – 


To meet the visual quality requirements and avoid Ti02 brittleness in the weld Trailing Shield® must be used

Erik Sundkvist, Sr. Welding Engineer (IWE) – Metallurgist (MSc), Aker Solutions AS – 


To weld Titanium Trailing Shield® is a must

Mykola Dukhnivskyi, Welding Engineer (IWE), Kværner AS - 


I weld almost all the pipes in the round table, after welding with TiTech PRO™ Trailing Shield®, I could speed up because of better gas coverage. So better quality and faster welding.

Keld Kiel, KK Titan Svejs


Finally got another opportunity to play around with the TiTech PRO™ Trailing Shield®. My first impression is very good. The results came out pretty much perfect!

Heiko Freyer @f32welder – 


Using TiTech PRO™ Trailing Shield® for outstanding results. Truly a killer piece of equipment! I’m a believer for sure! Awesome product and thank you guys once again.

James Knox @reactiv_fab – North Carolina, 


If you are welding stainless steel, titanium, or any other exotic metals, TiTech PRO™ Trailing Shield® are a must. Cleaner welds/weld area, less gas usage, long travel passes, and a lot of time saved are a few of the benefits of using Trailing Shield®.

Eric, Strictly Modified @strictly_modified_fab – Illinois, 


I absolutely love these Trailing Shield®. The coverage over the heat effected zone is so important when the weld has to be perfect.

David Knick @tiganomics – New York, 


Oh it was good! No conplaints! TiTech PRO™ Trailing Shield® worked well!

Josh Miller @millerforged - Florida, 


Im using my Trailing Shield® more and more I find it easier to use all the time. Great craftsmanship, and design. I’m sure it will make thousands of beautiful welds!!! Thank you TiTech PRO™ for such a great product!!!!

Eric Gabbert @ens_welding_service – North Dakota, 


I absolutely love it! They give some of the best gas coverage out there! Very light in weight so it doesn't affect the torch much at all. I wish I would have brought it to Hawaii (limited to tool weight) as I have been doing the most 2" I have gotten since receiving it from you guys! Definitely need to get some more sizes.

Seth Bobbe @tigganator – Washington, 


The TiTech PROTrailing Shield® is a tool every welder should have in his toolbox! It is highly efficient, light weight, very easy to use and allows you to achieve perfect results when quality is all that matters, not only on titanium but on stainless too. I love it and I highly recommend it!

Johannes Ciobanica @tig_happens


Trailing Shield® is often necessary

Shielding gas Manual, AGA AS (Now Linde Industrial Gases)


The TiTech PROTrailing Shield® were quite nice! They have a nice design to them, very simple and effective, and the deposited metal from the titanium was quite impressive. A number of welders came over to Travis and tried out the shields; some of our Welders had never Welded Titanium before so it was a fun experience for them. They were quite impressed their welds came out silver.

Eric @legion1775 Legion Piping Fabricators Inc. – Alberta, 


For titanium welding, in addition to the shielding gas applied via the ceramic cup around the torch which protects the weld puddle and the backpurge applied to the inside (ID) of the pipe, a Trailing Shield® is usually recommended

Barbara K. Henon, PhD, Manager of Technical Publications at Arc Machines, Inc


Welding at higher currents or anything other than slow traverse speeds, should be carried out with a Trailing Shield® attached to the torch.

A Designer and User Handbook, Welding Titanium, TWI LTD


The TiTech PROTrailing Shield® were easy to get used to and hook up, a simple clamp onto your regular torch and cup no messing around. Easy to manoeuvre into a suitable position for whatever position you need to weld in.

Dakota Sterling @the_bearded_wonder69 – Alberta, 


We use TiTech PROTrailing Shield® model AUTO 2.0™ at our School of Materials Science and Engineering (MSE) at the University of Science and Technology. The tests we have done are not only visual and our tests show that TiTech PROTrailing Shield® provides perfect gas flow and coverage. - just as TiTech PRO™ promised.
Excellent product quality. I have been using TiTech PROTrailing Shield® for over 10 years. Thank you for your contribution to welding industry.

Tim Ross @madweldNarva,


TiTech PROTrailing Shield® is a product that works well. The gas coverage is very good!

Chang Ming Jen @zinja46


TiTech PRO™ Trailing Shield® was exactly what our customers needed. Thank you!

Ruth Dominguez, Airgas, an Air Liquide Co. – California, 


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I do a lot of aerospace welding. Sometimes very thin. We’re talking about .025 and with TiTech PROTrailing Shield® I have NO leaks NO color. TiTech PROTrailing Shield® have helped me on my process. What a job they did!

Juan Hernandez, @undead_welding_ - Moreno valley, 



“I've made several gas trailers and I've purchased many but TiTech PROTrailing Shield® are, hands down, the best on the market!”

James West @jameswestwelding – Syracuse, 

Better shields = better welds

David Hass, Principal Engineer, 

Air Force & Advanced Systems Engineering Business Unit 

 at KBR Careers - Gov. Solutions

I wanted to take a moment and thank you for shipping the Trailing Shield® so quickly. They got from Norway to Missouri in three days! It was very impressive, and was critical to the success of the project. Thank you for working with us on the deadline.

Philip Schempf, Welding Engineer, 

Mechanical Dynamics & Analysis


The TiTech PRO™ Trailing Shield® is a must of tool if you’re chasing for the perfect coverage on stainless or other high end materials. No more doing short sequences just to be sure to get enough coverage on your weld. Certainly, if you’re in the high end materials welding business it’s worth to buy a TiTech PRO™ Trailing Shield®. Just because you can keep on welding while the gas coverage is ensured the whole time. It will pay for itself eventually. Besides the good quality Trailing Shield®, all the information you get and after service with this company just to be sure you get the best out of your Trailing Shield® is unseen in the business. If you work with expensive materials and want the best possible results don’t settle for the cheap knockoffs. But get in touch with the TiTech PRO™ company.

Tristan Vos,



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